Cister Governance Advisors in a nutshell

Associés en Gouvernance has developed the appropiate network of skills to support its clients in areas where their companies are not governed by French law, particularly in the English speaking world.

Cister Governance Advisors, the international governance network

Cister Governance Advisors brings together skills and expertise to respond to any request for governance advice on a Group level while taking into account local specificities.

Our ambition is to make Cister Governance Advisors a recognized brand that assists boards of directors and other governance stakeholders (in both the private and public sectors) in developing best practices in corporate and family governance.

The current assignments of Associés en Gouvernance lead our team to intervene in various foreign countries for our clients.

Our international network now includes entities in Morocco, Benelux and partners in Ireland, Canada, Mauritius…

The Cister Governance Advisors network strengthens the ability of Associés en Gouvernance to better serve its clients around the world.