Associés en Gouvernance in a nutshell

Associés en Gouvernance, the common brand for operating in French speaking countries.

Associés en Gouvernance is dedicated to governance advisory. All of our activities focus on supporting Boards (and their environment) by covering three complementary governance areas: the topics, the structures and the actors.

Associés en Gouvernance has been set up to meet the needs for a global vision of governance. As a result, Associés en Gouvernance covers not only the specific concerns of a parent company but also the governance dimension of a Group.

Our team of men and women is composed, on the one hand, of former Executive officers, each of them with a Board member experience, and on the other hand, of former Legal or General Counsel officers.

The added value of the team is reinforced by the complementary skills of its members, either in terms of sectors of activity (banking and finance, industry and services, retail…) or by their specific knowledge in different areas of governance (law and regulation, governance codes, tax matters, corporate social responsibility, public affairs, family governance, project/program governance…).

Associés en Gouvernance has a subsidiary in Morocco.