Associés en Gouvernance in a nutshell

Associés en Gouvernance is an independent consulting firm exclusively dedicated to corporate and family governance.

For the past 15 years, we have been assisting all the players and bodies involved in family and corporate governance, whatever the size of the company (small, medium or large), its legal form, its activity and its economic model, whether it is listed or not, in our domestic markets as well as internationally.

Our mission is to help define the needs, then to implement and maintain a governance system that is best suited to the particular situation.

Associés en Gouvernance devotes most of its activity to the benefit of family environments. For these, the interventions we carry out can be situated at two levels:

  • the family governance as such, in particular around an explicit family project shared between family shareholders,
  • the governance of the company (or the Group) in which the family shareholding acts in a majority, controlled or minority way.

Faced with each family situation, and committed to understanding and respecting its specificity, we are in a position to cover both substantive issues, questions concerning structures and those concerning the actors of governance.

Associés en Gouvernance‘s support often leads it to deal with the interactions between these two levels of governance.

Associés en Gouvernance has a subsidiary in Morocco.